CS GO LEM Ranking Is A Difficult Challenge

CS GO LEM Ranking Is A Difficult Challenge

CSGO is one of the top shooting games available for gamers. The huge popularity gained by the game reflects the kind of game it is. This game has an altogether different kind of Vogue among all the gamers. People love to devote their time to play this exciting game. With several modes to play, one can never run out of options to play. There is a total of six gaming modes for the players to play which includes both online and offline games.

CS GO has interesting gameplay with some of the best fighting weapons like Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, SMG’s, Pistols and melee weapons too. One can play deathmatch which is a ten minute versus game mode, arms race mode in which one is asked to represent themselves in a closed combat scenario, demolition mode in which two teams defend and attack an area turn by turn, a classic game mode which includes casual and competitive gameplay and finally the danger zone which is a battle royale mode.

How Are Players Ranked In CS GO?

Ranking in CS GO is very important as it plays a major role in matchmaking. Players in a team are usually ranked similar to each other. In fact, in a battle royale, the whole lobby contains players of similar ranks. All the players upon starting the game are included in Silver Rank. Then slowly they go on to Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Distinguished Master Guardian, legendary eagle, supreme master and global elite. Ranks like cs go lem, SMFC and GE are very difficult to achieve. Only professional and expertly skilled players can reach there.

The rankings are increased gradually based upon the performance given by the player in the game. Each rank has several tiers and players have to go through each tier to move up in ranking.